The days of instant ramen are behind us. The secrets to making real ramen from scratch are available to every home cook, thanks in no small part to Sarah Gavigan. What sets her apart from so many other ramen masters is that she is happy to share her craft and her secrets with the world. To demystify the process just enough to encourage us to try this at home.
— Chef Edward Lee


ABOUT The Book

Everyone loves eating ramen. Make your favorites at home with recipes from the woman behind one of the most popular ramen shops in the country.

Sarah Gavigan is otaku. Loosely translated, she's a ramen geek. Chef and Owner of Otaku Ramen, Gavigan prepares bowls of ramen that incorporate ingredients Nashville knows and loves, while staying true to traditional Japanese techniques. 

Ramen Otaku shares the oft-secretive but always delicious art of ramen-making. Gavigan’s 40+ recipes—based on the bowls from her shop—are accessible to the home cook who wants to learn about the cuisine but would sometimes rather make a quick stock in a pressure cooker than labor over a vat of liquid for twenty-four hours.

Ramen Otaku will inspire a new generation of passionate home cooks to create their own personal ramen styles, built upon their own tastes and surroundings.



Sarah spent 17 years in the TV, film and music industries and the ramen shops of Los Angeles. After returning to Nashville, Tennessee, her childhood home, Sarah taught herself to make ramen by watching Japanese videos and plenty of trial and error experimentation. She launched Otaku South as a wildly successful pop-up ramen shop in late 2012. Three years later Sarah opened Otaku Ramen in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood near downtown.

In 2017, Sarah opened Little Octopus, where Sarah spends her days as Head Chef. The concept is a love letter to LA culture; its mission is to bring innovative feel good food and drink to the Nashville community.

Otaku Ramen

Little Octopus

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Sarah has given us the blueprint to create soulful and delicious food in our homes with a cuisine that can otherwise seem very intimidating to home cooks and even chefs. She expertly brings it down to earth and into our bellies.
— Alon Shaya, author of Shaya
Sarah is a walking ramen encyclopedia. In Ramen Otaku, she shares her journey in discovering her personal and delicious ramen style, and if you follow her lead, you can do the same.
— Sean Brock, author of Heritage
Ramen Otaku is the book every ramen fiend who loves to cook has been waiting for. Gavigan has demystified the process and in this superb book, educates, illuminates, and shares her secrets to classic and delicious ramen.
— Andrew Zimmern
Sarah meticulously—as only an otaku can—articulates all the nuances of her subject with an approachability and thoroughness I have never before seen...Ramen Otaku is responsible for landing ramen on my family’s regular meal rotation—and that’s a tough roster to make!
— Zakary Pelaccio, chef and restaurateur